Keith Abraham



A born and bred Australian, Keith Abraham has spent the last 24 years identifying and harnessing the secret to business growth and people's potential. Driven by his findings, Keith shares the tools in which businesses create and maintain culture and connection with team members.

He has delivered his speeches in over 33 countries to over 1.6 million people, earning him to be the recipient of numerous awards including the highest honour of proffessional speaking, the Nevin Award as well as Speaker of the Year by the Australian National Speakers Association.

As well as his impressive speaking career, Keith is also a bestselling author with 5 published books in over 12 different languages. They cover a range of themes including Focus - 4 fast easy strategies to beating procrastination forever [2017], Be!- 8 simple steps to becoming who you want to be [2015], It Starts with Passion -Do what you love and love what you do [2013] and Living your Passion -  5 secrets to doing what you love, and loving what you do [2004]

In this age of virtual events, Keith is proving he has also mastered the art of online events and is currently delivering webinar masterclasses in which he shares the importance of not only engagement, but production value. In the last few months, Keith has delivered an impressive 36 webinars to over 11,000 people in 8 different countries in which he has revealed the importance of growing stronger through crises such as Covid.

Keith delivered a Zoom Masterclass with us on 16th June- this was the last Speaker Taster Session in this series. Check out the link below for more information:

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